About the Site

Welcome to my Pokemon fansite! Mirage Island has a bunch of random pages to do with Pokemon, usually for fun, but they do attempt to be useful sometimes too. Most of the content focuses on Gen IV & V, the games I enjoyed when I was younger.


Email: mirageisland@pm.me

Feel free to drop me an email if you've spotted any mistakes or you have suggestions for my site!

Site History

I wasn't around to see the golden age of personal websites, but a few of them were still online when I was younger. I loved to browse the now-defunct Eonlight Valley in particular, reading pages such as "Annoy in a Store" and "Annoy in a School". I especially liked the part about excuses for lateness; I was late to school every day, without fail, back then.

After that I lost interest in Pokemon for a few years, but as I got back into it, near the end of 2018, I remembered those websites. I learnt HTML/CSS to create this site from scratch in classic fansite style and picked up Javascript to handle the interactive elements. Designing the layout and writing the content was a lot tougher than I expected, resulting in several scrapped versions of the site, but at long last Mirage Island launched on 27th April, 2020.

About Me

I'm myuma, a minimal presence on the internet. My interests other than Pokemon include RPGs - not tabletop ones, sorry; attempting to play guitar, writing fiction, anime, and Japanese indie music. I have a serious sweet tooth and love cheesecake.