Post-Game Guide: Black and White

This is a list of activities and achievements you can do after defeating N and Ghetsis for the final time in Team Plasma’s castle. Although Black 2 and White 2 are given more attention for the amount of content they have, Black and White aren’t lacking: entirely new routes and cities become accessible in the post game, as well as story-related quests, and a number of local and online multiplayer functions. Some features are defunct with the death of the Dream World; I left these out of the guide to make it applicable to all players of the game.




Legendary & Special Pokemon

In-game Trade & Gift Pokemon

New Locations

These previously visited locations become accessible after gaining Surf:

After defeating Team Plasma:

Local Multiplayer



Information was drawn from these sites:

Psypokes BW Walkthrough

Bulbapedia Project PokeEarth

Serebii Zoroark Event page