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28th April 2020


Hey everyone! Welcome to the fancy new chat!

29th April 2020


ohh this is cool. Is it like a guestbook?

Do you know how you log in

Oh i logged in nvm

I'm assuming you know this and probably have it taken down for editing purposes but the HGSS post-game guide has vanished.

5th May 2020


Yeah, I also had some trouble logging in the first time, haha

I took that page down because I have other plans for it

At last, figured out how to log in


It took me forever to figure out to log in but now i can yay

And i can't wait to see the return of the post game guide. I think i'm going to get back into HGSS because the first time i played it i rushed through it.

I did catch a shiny furret though.


Wow, that's so cool

The most exciting thing that happened in my game was when an Exeggcute fell out of a tree I headbutted, which is apparently rare

I don't think I've ever encountered a shiny in the wild :?

15th May 2020


omg hi!! sorry for the random message lmao but i found your site via IndigoEmmy's and i just wanted to say that its really exciting to have some new pokemon fansites to look at !!

pkmn fansites are kind of a rare breed nowadays, but this one looks really good!!!

17th May 2020


Hi! I'm glad you like my site

and yes, fansites in general totally need to be revived!


It's been a while since i was last here, so here i am again.

I'm so happy fansites are coming back!

Also i've had surprising luck with Shinies, finding a Shiny Nuzleaf in USUM and a Shiny Machoke in LGPE

(That wasn't bragging btw that was just explaining my luck, all those shinies aren't anything very exciting, because they are kind of boring shinies tbh.)

I have now dabbled in johto content too, fellow webmaster. It's a bootleg version of pokémon crystal i found. Now officially topping my list of favorite pokémon games.

Anyone up for some volcano bakemeat?

28th May 2020


Aw, maybe it's easier to get shinies in the newer games or something

Bootleg Crystal? Do you mean a ROM hack or fake cartridge? And you need to explain what volcano bakemeat is


3rd June 2020


OH? I never new my big sister made a fansite instead of a information site. This is cool!


Hi! It's always been a fansite, silly

@Emmy, I took a look at your site and have now been enlightened as to what the bootleg crystal is!

18th June 2020


Right, you better add stuff from that pokemon livestream because theres allot to pick up from that.


I don't do current Pokemon news, but thanks for the suggestion!

23rd June 2020


Hey! I used to own the Pokemon fansite "Cavern of Mew" back in the day. Just wanted to say that it makes me really happy that there are still a few around!! Thank you for the nostalgia trip ^^


This website is nice. I'm actually making my own on WordPress (very bad idea) and I'm hoping to release it soon.

22nd July 2020


@Beth No problem! I wasn't around to see your site, but it's great to hear veterans of the scene are enjoying Mirage Island.

@Incineroar201 Thank you! Using Wordpress isn't a bad idea; it makes more sense than using plain HTML like I am. Once your site is done be sure to drop me a link!

7th August 2020


Well I am almost done. Sometimes I am having people test it and stuff.

24th November 2020


Your website is so adorable and retro!

7th December 2020


Hi myuma! I found your site recently and I really like it. Reminds me of the good old days of Pokémon fan sites back around 2008-ish. I had a Pokémon site myself from 2011 to 2018.

I hope you keep working on Mirage Island. I’m looking forward to seeing it grow


Forgot my login for this thing, haha ^^;

@:) Thank you!

@Kimba Yeah, I tried to emulate the old retro 3-column layout with this site! I'm very glad you're getting that vibe from it! I saw on the forum you're bringing your site back, so I'll definitely...

... send an affiliation request once it's up!

24th May 2021


i randomly ended up here. have a heart ♥

25th July 2021


^^same, just fell down a rabbit hole and ended up here. i hope you come back to it soon!

30th September 2021


Ended up here XDD I hope you come back to the site as well. Peace~

3rd December 2021





26th March 2022


hello everyone!

27th July 2022


I’m getting so nostalgic looking through your site and really love your layout!! I had a Pokemon fansite myself back in 2009-2011 but have been inactive in the community for a long time.

20th August 2022


thanks, the layout was honestly harder than writing any of the content lmao

22nd December 2022


Your site is so cute, just wanted to drop by & say so!


Stumbled here *somehow* after a weird internet crawl. Just wanted to say hi!

30th December 2022


Saying hi as well, it's a very neat site you have here.

I actually bookmarked your page on "Going Online in Generation IV" since it is very nice to have all the links and information in one place.

7th February 2023



24th February 2023



i miss the three-column site era so much ... my site has been dead for too long

23rd March 2023


stumbled across this page while web crawling, design is totally cozy! taking inspiration for my own site for a uni project, three column is simple perfection


love the jirachi and may header

12th April 2023


Found this website through, this website is so cozy and so 2000's I love it. Do you plan on expanding this website even further like including info on new generations??

15th May 2023


I'm not going to write about new generations tbh, the focus of my site is gens 4/5 >< thank you for all the kind comments!!

22nd May 2023


hi, i love your website!! bookmarked and will be here regularly