Puzzle Gym: Johto Leaders

The Johto gym leaders can be found outside of their gyms of certain days. If you manage to track them down, they'll give you their phone numbers and you can call them for rematches. But the game gives you no clues as to where to find the leaders on their days off… which I thought was pretty dull, so I made up these riddles to hint at where they might be.


I have many tales to tell,

even more things to sell,

and people flock to me on weekends.

What am I?

A shopping mall


I have a canopy and a floor,

I'm a home for all kinds of creatures,

yet I'm not a building.

What am I?

A forest


I am the furthest you can go,

I can make you see further,

and I am part of a building.

What am I?

The top floor of a tall building


Strange, wailing spectres:

They haunt this hallowed tower,

Hearing its bells chime.

Where can you see this sight?

The Bell Tower (a.k.a Tin Tower)


I will let you cook,

I will let you sleep,

I am usually a building,

but just as important is the feeling.

What am I?



I'm a cozy place,

My name is an anagram of face,

I'm usually well stocked with books,

and what I brew can keep you awake.

What am I?

A cafe


For the first word,

change the third letter in late,

and you've got a piece of nature.

For the second word,

Add one letter to age,

and you have a synonym of craze.

The Lake of Rage


Class can seem like a drag,

so you doodle as time ticks on:

making sure your pen is size S,

you draw a fantastical scene of an explorer's den.

The Dragon's Den