19th August 2023 - Site Closure

Added another article, BW Post-game activities. This is going to be the last piece of work I add to this site. I'm no longer interested enough in the franchise to maintain a website focused on it. I check on news from Pokemon Directs and other sources occasionally but I don't like the direction the franchise has gone in; the only change I'm happy with after the transition to 3D is still the introduction of trainer customisation.

Still, I appreciate it for being one of the few positive things in my life while at school. For once, Pokemon White gave me something in common with other children; it let me become an explorer when in many other ways, I was trapped. It gave my imagination wings. This site continues to exist in memory of that feeling.

12th August 2023

Added another clear file to the merch collection page.

25th May 2023

Hey everyone, the chat archive is now up to date. I've been busy over the past couple of days, but things have settled down again so I have plenty of time to fit site work into.

18th May 2023

New page - cbox archive - you can find a link in the sidebar. It's not quite complete yet. Thank you to everyone who's left messages in the cbox so far; I know this site is tiny and unknown but the fact some things I've written are useful enough to be bookmarked, or inspire uni projects, makes me so happy. Once again - Thank you to all my readers!

Work has begun for a sidequests page dedicated to Pokemon Black & White. I've written down facts about all the locations from Route 1 to Nacrene City so far. Progress is steady, so watch this space.

22nd November 2022

Added some new tweets by Matsumiya to the site.

26th August 2022

I added a showcase of custom trainer sprites I've made. Here's a link to the page. I also realised I forgot to link to the page I added yesterday!

25th August 2022

Added two more affiliates - Lycanroc.net (aka Cat333's Pokemon Site) and Serfetch. I'm also adding in an old bit of content from my old Bulbagarden account as a page here; I might try consolidating some of my other forum posts into proper articles too. Last but not least I'm planning to overhaul the about page of this site. (falls asleep)

20th August 2022

Hi everyone! We've got a new affiliate, Classic Pokemon Guide. They're dedicated to the first two Pokemon gens and their passion is clear from the number of guides and tools they've created. Please do check them out.

In other news, I added the HGSS guide back to the main menu. I don't see the point of leaving it out when it is a complete article, just because I had vague plans to make a tool based on it in the future. SoulSilver is such a good game, honestly, any time I dip my toes back into it I'm enraptured by the experience of team raising in an environment with a tough level curve. People complain about the steep curve and limited Pokedex, but I think that challenge actually makes the game really fun.

Um... anyway. Pokemon Classic. Go check them out guys!

26th March 2022

The quiz is now complete! I'm planning to create actual banners at some point - for now, a sprite of the Pokemon you get will appear along with the personality description, which I think is fine. I've also updated the online functions guide to say that Kyohack's GTS is no longer open, but I'm leaving the connection information there because... what's the point in taking it down when I took the time to research it?

24th March 2022

I am... back, and I'm also going to try adding more content on here! It seems like I've suddenly gotten a lot more views - thank you to everyone who left messages in the cbox. There are no plans to use this site for anything other than Mirage Island. I wonder what I should add to this site next...

5th August 2020

Hi everyone. I haven't forgotten the personality quiz, I promise. It turns out that writing results for it is a lot more work than I'm prepared to do at the moment. Hey, at least you can imagine the future potential of this site by checking out the new Behind the Scenes page.

I've been toying with the idea of uploading non-Pokemon content under this url. That would probably involve random creative output (such as fanart and analyses) related to my favourite anime series. If I ever do this, the only way it will change Mirage Island is that it won't be the front page of mirage-island.neocities.org any more.

7th June 2020

A new guide has been added, explaining how to use fan servers to get back online in your Gen IV/V games. Now you can get Mystery Gifts and use the GTS again!

6th June 2020

Another new affiliate has been added: Absol's Moonlit Cave, a fansite focusing on the first three generations (partly due to its age, since it has been around since 2006...) Definitely one to take a look at!

5th June 2020

A new affiliate has been added, Grenin's Place! Grenin has a lot of fun stuff related to the Diamond & Pearl anime, as well as records of his time at various Pokemon events. Go check his site out!

13th May 2020

The personality test - what Pokemon are you? - is halfway done. The script itself is finished (with some help from the Cave of Dragonflies forums). I'm still writing the results, though; there are 32 of them, comprised of Pokemon from Gen I to VII, so it's not a surprise that it's taking a while.

On a separate note, my site has reached 1,600 views and counting! That's a lot more than I expected from the meagre content on this site. Thanks, everyone.

5th May 2020

You might see a new section on the right-hand side: I now have a sibling site, Indigo's Corner; it's a fun little place which I'm proud to support.

As for my site, a new page has been added, showcasing my collection of Pokemon merch, and a personality test is on the way. Behind the scenes the CSS has been updated to make Mirage Island a little more mobile-friendly (if you have suggestions on how to improve the mobile layout further, please tell me).

27th April 2020

My site is finally up! There isn't much here, and the few pages I have uploaded likely need improvements. I hope you enjoy looking around anyway; there's a lot more planned for this little corner of the internet.